Project Management, Change Management, Content Migration

Project NextGen

Project NextGen

• Consolidating all existing 20+ Kantar Media websites into 1 website.
• The original structure of the content was modified to fit a new framework, where the existing content is migrated to fit the new content structure.
• The website was stored on a new Content Management System (CMS) - SiteCore.

Project Management

• Identifying and establishing web content migration early in the project life cycle.
• Project Plan was produced including scope, requirements, design, development, content, testing and deployment.
• Allocating time, budget and resources appropriately and in timely fashion.
• Involving the content management team from the beginning - working with external content writers, project schedule, workflows, folder structures, site maps and website/content security.

Change Management

• Establishing an open and clear communication channel
• Co-ordination with the Stakeholders (Regular meetings, briefings, updates)
• Training users to the new CMS
• Training users to the new content design and brand visual identity
• Training users to the features of the CMS